Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Closet Full of Clothes with Nothing to Wear

I literally have a closet full of clothes with nothing to wear. Normally, this would be a horrible scenario for a fashionista such as myself. However, I'm okay with this situation. Why you ask? Because I have lost a total of 36 (down to 290 lbs.!!!), and my clothes are all pretty much too big.

Now this does present a challenege when I have a special event to attend, but I'm okay with rocking the same dress with different accesories to create a different look. I can now wear dresses I was bursting out the seams of a few months ago without the assistance of Spanx (also know as God's gift to women). I can now wear a few pairs of jeans I haven't been able to fit into in more than two years! But most importantly, I like the way I look in my clothes much more now. My rolls are still here (hey boos!), but they are much less pronounced. After a Thursday ab session with Zac, I swear I have a six pack... under my gut. LOL

My next challenege will be finding new smaller clothes that are inexpensive. I am on a very tight financial budget, and I haven't shopped in about year. Those of you who know me well know I was once on a first name basis with the girls at Torrid Town Center in Kennesaw. I would go at least once a month and spend on average about $150 per month in there. I do miss my lovelies.

I'm excited to visit DC next month and see some of my college friends I haven't seen in about more than a year and a half. Some of them have already noticed by weightloss from pictures I've posted on Facebook. I just can't wait until I'm at a size where I can raid my friends' closets. That's something I've never been able to experience, but look forward to doing! #untilnexttimefolks