Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Trigger Happy

So this week has been extremely stressful for me, which has not been good for the healthy eating habits I've been working so hard on. As some of you know, I have a super important interview for a DREAM job on Thursday afternoon. I booked this interview a few days before Christmas, and allegedly, the office manager emailed me the information concerning the details of the presentation I had to do in this said email on December 22. Well, I combed through my junk mail every day from the time I booked the interview until this past Monday. I sent an email to the office manager on December 29 asking about the email confirmation from her, but she didn't respond because the office was closed the week between Christmas and New Year's.

So Monday, January 3 comes around, and she finally sends me details of the interview and the presentation. I begin to FREAK THE FUCK OUT! I just want to do well and make an impression, and it's very stressful to do a good presentation in THREE days, especially considering I could have had 15 days to complete it.

With all that being said, the stress made me just want to pig out and eat. Unfortunately, I didn't have the will power to not go to Mellow Mushroom and get a small House pizza with no black olives and extra mushrooms. #myfave. While it was delicious, I felt super guilty after eating it, especially since I've been working so hard to make better food choices. I did share a lot of the greasy pork toppings with my dogs, and they thoroughly enjoyed them.

Eating healthy is very hard. It takes a lot of dedication and planning. Perhaps if I had gone grocery shopping, I wouldn't have an empty fridge, and would have no excuse to go out and get something bad (yet so good) to eat. I'm going grocery shopping tomorrow, so it's back to tilapia fillets, chicken breasts, and spinach. #yum-o. I'll do a special post on some of the concoctions I've been preparing one of these days.

On a much happier note, I've scheduled my first fill for Monday, January 10 at 8:00 am. I'll do a more detailed post explaining this process! #untilnexttime


  1. Hey Kat. Nothing worth having is easily achieved. I'm sure that making healthy choices 99% of the time is truly a struggle (hell, I need to eat better myself), but just know that you are inspiring others to take better care of themselves! Keep up the good work, but it's ok to treat yourself from time to time. Love you bunches! Keep the posts coming :)

  2. Hey Kat! Since we have been invited to take this journey with you, I need a few updates. How was the job interview, have u heard back from them yet? How was the fill on 1/10/11? Have you been working out? Whats your exercise regiment? We promised to hold you accountable and WE WILL!

  3. @April: Thanks for the support!

    @Marcus: The interview went well. I haven't heard anything back with them yet, but I'll be emailing the office manager on Thursday to follow-up.

    My workout regimen needs work! It's so much easier to go home and take a nap than it is to go to the gym to workout. This week, I'm starting anew and plan to go EVERY day after work. I am also starting a Zumba class on Sunday, so that should be a fun alternative to the treadmill and elliptical machines!