Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ode to the Liquid Diet

Okay, so we're four days post-op now, and I have three days left on my liquid diet. At first, this liquid diet really sucked. Other than the jello and popsicles, I wasn't really feeling too much on the bare list of things I could eat the first week. The protein shakes, which I started drinking the week of my surgery, actually aren't going down that well. The first sip of one sends me straight into a dry heave. #notgood

My mom has been taking really good care of me though--fixing up various liquid concoctions in my rarely used blender. I get full off of 6 to 8 oz. of liquids in a meal setting now, which still amazes me, considering how much I could eat before.

I'm not sure how much weight I've lost, and probably won't know for sure until my post-op appointment with my surgeon on Monday morning. The first thing on my list of things to purchase next pay period is a scale.

Just when I thought this liquid diet was the bane of my existence, it surprised the hell out of me. I'll be attending a fancy holiday party on Saturday with one of my best friends. In a frenzy to figure out what I'd be wearing, I started trying on what I call my fancy dress--those just being really nice $100+ dresses I purchased at a department store for more than likely for a wedding in the past two years or so.

Pre-surgery, I was the perfect size 26 plus. I could squeeze my behind into a size 24 dress with the help of woman's BFF and best invention of the modern century... SPANX! Today I tried on this gorgeous black and cream silk Maggie London dress I bought for a former coworker's wedding in November of 2007. Now, it was a little tight back then when I wore it to her wedding. I was popping out the top, and the banded waist wasn't the most comfortable. I just added a shrug to it so that people couldn't tell how poorly it actually fitted.

Today, I tried this dress on as an option for this fancy holiday party. Much to my surprise, this dress fit perfectly... no Spanx needed. This was the greatest feeling in the world. I tried on this multi-print Robbie B. dress that I attempted to wear to my sorority meeting that was way too tight around the midsection just a few weeks ago... fits PERFECTLY without the help of Spanx! This has totally made my week and made up for this painfully tasteless liquid diet I've been on.

The cherry on top of this ice cream sundae of a day was a surprise visit from one of my oldest pals. She came bearing a get well balloon, roses, and a bag full of things I could eat on my liquid diet. #thanksAMT

In the words of Ice Cube... "Today was a good day!" Until next time folks...

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