Thursday, December 2, 2010

I'm Being Tortured by My Co-Workers

Today marks the start of all my pre-op preparation. Last night, my big sister, who had her lap band surgery in September of 2009, took me to the grocery store to purchase all of the goodies I'll need for my liquid diet. I was able to eat a light breakfast this morning (boiled egg, dry toast, and protein shake), but at noon today, I have to start a pre-surgery clear liquid diet (water, flavored beverages, clear broths, popsicles, and jello).

What I wasn't expecting was to walk in to work and smell all of the holiday goodness. Apparently, our floor is having it's annual holiday party today. I guess I shouldn't delete all those all-staff/all-section emails without reading them first. It wouldn't be so bad, but I'm approximately 10 feet from the conference room and can smell all of the permeating deliciousness!

Something tells me that today will be a half day! :o)


  1. The food did smell good. I know you're probably still recovering today, but just know that I'm happy and proud that you made this step. And anytime you need support, I'm 7 feet away - at least at work. sb